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Energy Healing/Meditation Facilitator/Meditation Montclair, NJ

What is Energy Healing?


In general terms, Energy Healing is the process of identifying and clearing blocks within the energy field so that one is able to function from a more well-grounded, clear and empowered place while deepening the connection between body, mind and spirit. 

Energetic blocks are typically defined as:

  • emotions, 
  • traumas, 
  • programming (both heredity as well as past experiences of the soul),
  • self-limiting beliefs/habits/patterns, and
  • an accumulation of others' issues that are internalized

It's very common for us to store these blocks within our bodies/minds and energy system.  

As we amass these "energies" throughout our lives, we can become depressed, confused, sad, feel out of control, feel low in energy or motivation, develop fears and overall behaviors that limit our full potential. It is my strong belief that we are all able to attain deeper states of inner peace.

The energy field consists of chakras (there are 7 major chakras running from the base of the spinal cord to the crown of the head), meridians and the human aura.  When the lines of energy are clear and balanced, we tend to feel healthy and in control of our own lives.  

There are many methods of energy healing. I employ a combination of several techniques that I have learned and practiced over the past 15 years including One Light Healing Touch-primarily a hands-on approach, Spiritual Response Therapy-researching and clearing current and past life energies that block us, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as Tapping, and Reiki. Please refer to "Frequently Asked Questions" for more details.  I also work remotely by accessing the energy field of an individual (not in my local area) and clearing blockages from their system.  

I have found that people who combine energy healing with any one or more daily practices of breath work, meditation, yoga, utilizing positive affirmations are able to reach and maintain deeper levels of inner peace. By removing blocks through energy healing, pathways to self-empowerment and peace are opened.

For more information, you can listen to this radio interview: http://ireneweinberg.com/grief-and-rebirth-episode-5-energy-healer-judy-becker/

The Healing Field - a documentary on energy medicine produced by Penny Lavin of One Light Healing Touch  https://www.amazon.com/Healing-Field-Exploring-Consciousness-Expanded/dp/B075GVGXJG/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1511878305&sr=8-2&keywords=ron+lavin+penny+price



"Life unfolds
Time is an arbitrary construct
The more important construct is frame of mind
The mind watches, the mind creates openings, the mind creates barriers
The mind struggles with fears and doubts
The body responds
There is a true sense of peace in freeing the mind and wholeness is the end result. Only in freeing the mind can one be in resonance with their divinity."







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