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"My world "pre-meditation" was full of overt emotions and feelings that frequently took total control of my life. My long days consists of dealing with the day-to-day operations of running a center with nearly 200 students, managing staff, lesson planning, parental concerns, etc. Not to mention, being a middle child who "used to" over worry and take on other people's problems/issues. I noticed I was becoming more irritable and easily agitated by the simplest things. As a result, high levels of anxiety and stress started to develop. My chest area felt heavy, I had random pains, night sweats were developing and I was lucky if I slept through the entire night. I say “used to” because after the first day of attending a class, I felt a huge burden lift away. I was so calm and relaxed and couldn’t figure out why. That day, I knew, was the start to a new beginning.

Now, my world “post-meditation,” is full of emotions and feelings that are in balance and in perspective. I am grounded, able to remain calm in challenging situations and feel complete when I meditate. I can honestly say that I did not expect to get this much out of the course. Thank you Judy for being so attentive and gentle while guiding students through your meditation classes.

If you are looking for an experience that will change your life, I challenge you to register for an upcoming class."



I would like to continue with the Monday evening meditation. FYI: I have been enjoying the "classes" so much. It feels like each hour and a half softly erases days,months of mental, physical, emotional tension. I also really appreciate your short explanations/inspirations at the start of each gathering and I loved the Bowls!
An aside:I work in NYC public high schools and have been thinking about how incredibly helpful this practice, and the concepts it is built on, would be to so many of our students. 
Anyway, thank you. I look forward to Monday nights!



“The last couple of years have not been easy for me while suffering with anxiety and a series of panic attacks. Having read so much on mediation and its benefits, I felt that Judy could help me find mental peace. This would also require a great deal of commitment on my part. Since practicing meditation with Judy over the past year, I feel that it has allowed me to become more confident, self-accepting, and loving towards myself. Judy’s meditation classes, her inspirational CDs, and one-on-one sessions have been spiritually enlightening. I am breathing better, connecting to my higher self, and disciplining my mind by focusing on the present. Thank you Judy for helping me on my journey towards mental strength and peace. “



The "Loving Yourself - Unlocking Your Life" Conscious Living Workshop has really helped me by allowing me to identify my main limiting beliefs and understand how my experiences in this life relate to my soul's purpose during this incarnation. I felt a big shift as I learned to give myself permission to release them in the understanding that I don't have to continually experience them throughout my entire life like a punishment (the limiting belief). I am feeling more free, more joy, and am sustaining that feeling. Thank you for all that you do and the energy and space you hold for us to continue on our journey!



Witnessing and experiencing my relationship with my mother through a different lens was life altering for me. My work with Judy has changed my relationship with my mother who is in the twilight of her life. The practices and meditations that Judy offers are so useful and impactful. Setting boundaries and recognizing my mother’s positive attributes has enabled us to form a close, loving and respectful bond.  



Hi Judy, our session last week left me feeling amazing - still do!
Just wanted to let you know it really made a big difference.
Thank you!


My husband received so much positive energy that caused the surgery to be a huge success!  I am so thankful for you beyond words for the peace and comfort that he had on Thursday. He had no back pain that evening and he had such a great sleep. Judy, thank you! 



Through Judy's ability to conduct SRT, I've recently had an incredible session for my 10 year old daughter  She had been having trouble sleeping as her mind was going way ahead of her and into the future.  This new awareness of her mind slipping in and out of present time and the thoughts that came with it made her anxious and uncomfortable. Then, the same night of the session, my daughter reiterated some of the messages that came through during the session regarding her need for more down time, almost verbatim.  She was peaceful and able to sleep for the first time in 2 months without waking. That was 2 months ago and she hasn't had a bout since.  

This is not my first experience working with Judy and SRT, but it has been the most immediate transformation I've witnessed.  Powerful!  I am grateful and humbled by this technology and its practitioner.  Judy also compassionately offered direction in guiding the mind as well as some children's meditation sequences, which have both proven extremely useful. I highly recommend this work as an aid to help clear a path toward focus and peace.  
M. L. Vargas


Hi Judy,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for my session today. I honestly feel so much better.

I always felt led to you, right from the beginning and you have helped me in many ways and have made a difference in my life. I am so grateful for you!

I wanted you to know : -))



So my husband's family is here and from the minute his mom walked in it has been entirely different. I expected a change following my session, but not like this. I feel none of the normal tension and anger and anxiety that always build up when she's around me. And she and my husband are already fighting! which according to him is how they spent all his teen years. Fighting like crazy. It's normally projected onto me but right now I feel so free!





Thank you for showing me a new way to look at the relationship with my mother. After years of unsuccessful therapy, our sessions have allowed me to see my mother is just a person on her own journey. I can finally understand her limitations are not her fault. Since I have approached our relationship from this new point of view, I do not have anxiety when speaking to her. I also want to thank you for the advice you gave me at our last session to be grateful for her bringing me into this world.




Hi Judy,
I just wanted to say thank you. Often people offer me advice or I read recommend ideas in books that do not resonate with me. You have a way of explaining and elaborating on these ideas that I can connect with. Suddenly they make sense and I'm able to follow through and practice them. Thank you for all you offer.












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