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Emotional Freedom Techniques is a method of clearing and releasing the emotions that are related to trauma, limiting beliefs, phobias and fears. Deeply buried emotions tend to hold traumas within the physical and energy bodies. You may be aware of these emotions and there may also be emotions stored within your system that are not within your conscious awareness. The process of EFT helps to open the channels of energy, also known as meridians, that store the emotions. When these meridians are open, the emotional patterns are able to be released.

Some people find immediate relief with a tapping session. For more deeply held traumas/beliefs, It may take several sessions to create relief.  I typically record the tapping session for you so that you can continue using it on your own.

This video from Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, will demonstrate how EFT is performed:




EFT Research Results:  

Group tapping decreases cortisol levels

Dawson Church and colleagues conducted a research study in 2012, where they found that one 1-hour session of EFT reduced cortisol levels in patients by 24.9%. The director of the lab who did the analysis later said that he had "never seen such a large drop in cortisol following a mental health intervention....."
ACEP member Peta Stapleton and colleagues at Bond University recently released a replication study. The study differed from the Church et al study in that they used "group tapping" rather than individual. Otherwise the protocols were very similar. They found that cortisol levels dropped 43% in one hour of group EFT treatment.
The paper was published in the March 12 issue of Psychological Trauma, an APA journal. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/32162958

Additional research results:  https://tappingsolution.s3.amazonaws.com/APP/Marketing/TS-Science-Data-Research.pdf


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