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Conscious Living Workshops

Conscious Living Workshops


The Conscious Living Workshops are designed to provide you with information, experience and resources to deepen your understanding of spiritual principles.  They will enable you to make major shifts in your awareness and bring these shifts into your daily life.

The workshops will be offered periodically throughout the year. During each workshop, I will present in-depth information on the topic, lead you into related meditations or activities, provide extended hands-on healing, and give you practical tools as well as resources and guidance so that the shifts in your awareness become permanent.

Conscious Living Workshop

Sunday April 29th

1:00 - 4:00

$ 90

An In-depth Clearing and Balancing of the Chakra System

for Self-Healing

During this 3 hour workshop, we will delve into the deeper meaning of the chakras and discuss how you can increase your level of inner peace, productivity and purpose by clearing and balancing your chakras. Our chakras are energy centers within our bodies that allow us to interact with the world. When our chakras become blocked through traumas, limited beliefs and foreign energies, we function less than ideally in our lives. When our chakras are clear and balanced, we also feel more clear and balanced in our daily lives.

We'll use sound healing, hands-on healing, visualizations, breathwork and meditation to assist with the process of healing and clearing the chakra system. And you'll leave with the tools to be able to keep your chakras cleared and balanced on a daily basis.

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