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Conscious Living Workshops

Conscious Living Workshops


The Conscious Living Workshops are designed to provide you with information, experience and resources to deepen your understanding of spiritual principles.  They will enable you to make major shifts in your awareness and bring these shifts into your daily life.

The workshops will be offered periodically throughout the year. During each workshop, I will present in-depth information on the topic, lead you into related meditations or activities, provide extended hands-on healing, and give you practical tools as well as resources and guidance so that the shifts in your awareness become permanent. 


Conscious Living Workshop

Intensive Meditation and Stress Reduction Conscious Living Workshop - December 10

a pre-holiday gift to yourself!!

1:00 - 4:30
$ 150 ($ 125 if registered by December 3)

During this workshop we'll explore stress, it's effects on the body/mind, along with how to effectively handle external as well as internal stress factors. You'll learn several breaths and other techniques that can be used to calm and center yourself.

We'll also be discussing your individual spiritual path and lessons, how they relate to your overall perspective and how to re-frame your perspective to create a much greater sense of inner peace.

This workshop is appropriate for new as well as experienced meditators. You'll leave with a greater understanding of how to move through your life in a more relaxed, clear and grounded manner, as well as with many tools to assist you.

Please contact me with any questions or to register for the workshop.






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