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Please feel free to browse through my website.  If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at JudyBecker2@gmail.com or call 973-477-8566.

Most of us have those moments in our lives when we begin searching for answers to our deepest questions, looking to find ways of becoming more centered, balanced and at peace. Some of us just have curious natures while others have begun their search due to major life changes such as illness, divorce, loss of job, death of a family member, addictions, physical illness, eating disorders, etc.  Your search may have also been triggered by long-held beliefs, traumas (whether emotional and/or physical) or can even be the result of an accumulation of daily stresses that tend to build up in our bodies.


The overall goal of energy work/energy healing is to assist people in releasing old or current traumas, emotions, others' energies and unhealthy patterns of behavior that are held in the body and mind. The release of these energies assist people to function from a more clear, grounded and peaceful state of mind.  


My offerings include individual sessions, group or one-on-one meditation classes, crystal bowl healing meditations as well as Conscious Living Workshops.


"In our essential nature we're unlimited pure potential. In our human experience we're handicapped by traumas, misbeliefs and the constrictions of the conscious brain. Healing is the on-going process of becoming aligned with our essential nature by releasing the energies of trauma and misbeliefs and through a re-training of the conscious mind. All that limits us from being in total alignment with our true nature is our limited thinking"



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