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Joan Fisch

Joan Fisch offers both weekly healing meditation classes, incorporating individual hands-on healing, as well as individual energy healing sessions.


Just as a soul has many journeys, a person too has many journeys in their lifetime.  Joan is no exception. From one of only a few female option traders on Wall Street in the late 1970's; to a working wife and mother in the 1980's; to serving as a community planner and grant writer in the nonprofit sector in the 1990's; to working alongside her husband in his families’ 70 year old retail business in the 2000's; to her present journey as a guide to those seeking their own meditative practice. 

Joan began her spiritual journey when she received her TM (Transcendental Meditation) mantra at the age of 16. She meditated (secretly) as a teenager before setting the practice aside. Through much study and several teachers she reawakened her practice with meditation, chant , chakra balancing, energy healing and most recently tapping.

Areas of Study: Pranic Healing, Hands of Light, Jewish Meditation, Primordial Sound Meditation, Mindfulness.

Joan has been leading guided meditation groups for more than 10 years. In addition, she offers individual healing, Chakra balancing and/or private meditation sessions either in person or remotely via video conference. Joanfisch@gmail.com


“I sit in the collective consciousness of beautiful souls. Humbly, I whisper words that seep into your mental, emotional, and physical body guiding you into meditation. I offer you a safe space so that  in the stillness you may be the observer of your own story. Who are you truly and what is your soul’s purpose? With the gift of healing energy, pure Divine light gently restores balance within you. Nurturing seedlings of Inner Peace, Joy, Compassion and Love you will be led to discovery, acceptance and transformation.”




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